EFTSure Integration with Dynamics 365 Business Central

EFTSure Integration with Dynamics 365 Business Central

EFTSure Integration with Dynamics 365 Business Central


A prominent healthcare service provider operating under the Australian Government


The Client aimed to enhance vendor management through the integration of their newly adopted platform, EFTSure, with D365 Business Central. The challenge lay in the process flow where vendor details were initially captured in EFTSure, and then, through integration and job queue processes, these details had to be generated and updated in Business Central. This process proved time-consuming and labor-intensive.

Solution Delivered:

TechWize undertook an in-depth assessment of the client’s challenges to formulate comprehensive technical requirements for developing a tailored solution. This led to the creation of a custom application that seamlessly linked EFTSure with D365 Business Central, facilitating the direct generation and updating of vendor information within the latter system.

Our development team utilized the AL code extension within VS Code to create this application, ensuring seamless integration with D365 Business Central. As a result, the application significantly streamlined the exchange of vendor information, markedly enhancing efficiency and maintaining robust data security.

The integration was thoroughly tested, including comprehensive user acceptance testing (UAT). Our team promptly addressed and resolved any bugs identified by business users, ensuring a smooth and optimized application.

Delivered Results:

The client now possesses a robust technological solution encompassing a finely tailored application that empowers vendor management across their organization. This application has revolutionized the integration process, allowing for more effective vendor management and providing valuable assistance to all stakeholders involved.