Software Testing

Software Testing

Quality Assurance and Testing

Quality is one of the most critical factors contributing to the success of any application. Even a minor bug can create a major impact on the adoption and functioning of the software application. With proper Quality Assurance in place, the code changes can be tested before rolling them out and hence preventing the problems later on.

At TechWize, we understand the importance of quality and offer a wide range of QA and Testing services including –

  • Automation Testing
  • Manual Testing
  • Code Verification
  • Mobile App Testing
  • Salesforce Testing
  • Automation Testing

    The practice of Automation Testing is more suitable for large size projects where specific tasks are repeatedly done or same features are consistently added within the application.

    At TechWize, we offer Automation Testing services to accelerate the testing process and help our clients shorten the time to market their application. Our Automation Testing services include –

    • Test Automation Framework Implementation
    • Test Automation for Web applications
    • Test Automation for Mobile applications
    • Automated Regression Testing
    • Automated Functional Testing
    • Test Automation Reporting and Documentation
  • Manual Testing

    Although a traditional testing approach, Manual Testing is inevitable to find critical bugs in the software system. It makes use of techniques like logical reasoning and inferences to find out some of the defects which otherwise often get ignored by the automation testing.

    Our Manual Testing services include –

    • Cross-browser Testing
    • Compatibility Testing
    • Testcase Creation
    • Multi-platform Testing
    • Software Product Testing
    • W3C/ HIG Compliance Testing
  • Code Verification

    With code verification services, we help our clients ensure flawlessness of their software code during the development phase or just before completion of the development.

    We ensure the software delivers the required functionality without affecting the overall user experience.

    Our code verification services include –

    • Functional Testing for The Code
    • Regression Testing for The Code
    • Code review for web and mobile applications
    • Validation of the General Coding Errors
    • Native Code Execution
  • Mobile App Testing

    With growing number of mobile devices and mobile internet users, the number of mobile applications and app downloads continue to increase. Having a cool app claiming to offer a lot of
    exciting features is not enough, users are likely to reject the mobile app if it has functionality defects or a buggy user interface.

    With Mobile App Testing services, TechWize helps Mobile App owners launch a bug free and top-class mobile application with fastest time-to-market.

    Our Mobile App Testing services include –

    • User Experience Testing
    • Performance Testing
    • Functional Testing
    • Mobile App Security Testing
    • Mobile Localization Testing
    • Mobile Compatibility Testing

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