Fostering Collaboration between Clients and Service Providers

A Marketplace Portal Solution

Fostering Collaboration between Clients and Service Providers


Technology Used:

  • Microsoft SharePoint 2010
  • C# .NET 3.5
  • MS SQL Server 2008
  • Visual Studio 2012


A Chicago-based financial services company


    Develop a dynamic marketplace portal facilitating connections between clients seeking services and finance for project equipment. The portal should enable bid requests, document uploads, deal approvals, and social interaction.

Solution Delivered:

TechWize created a robust marketplace portal bridging the gap between clients and service providers. Clients can effortlessly upload project-related documents, while vendors can access bid requests and respond directly through the CRM-integrated platform. Custom workflows manage deal approvals and ensure timely notifications through the portal and email. Dedicated document libraries streamline document sharing and collaboration. The portal's social media component fosters professional networking by allowing group creation and interaction similar to popular social networking platforms.


The client was able to get the following results –

The implemented solution significantly enhanced

  • Collaboration:Streamlined communication and interaction between clients and service providers fostered stronger partnerships and project success.
  • Bid Response:The efficient bid request and response system facilitated a faster and more transparent bidding process.
  • Project Management:Improved document sharing, communication, and deal tracking contributed to smoother project execution.
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