Reimagining a Furniture Brand's Digital Presence: A Seamless Platform Migration

Reimagining a Furniture Brand's Digital Presence: A Seamless Platform Migration

Furniture Manufacturing

Technology Used:

  • Microsoft SharePoint 2010
  • C# .NET 3.5
  • MS SQL Server 2008
  • Visual Studio 2012


A leading Chicago-based furniture manufacturer


    Redesign and migrate an existing website to a new platform for enhanced visual appeal and improved product presentation through seamless product database integration.

Solution Delivered:

TechWize successfully transformed the furniture manufacturer's website by migrating it to a new platform, significantly enhancing its appeal to corporate decision-makers. A robust product database integration using FAST Search Server ensured dynamic population of relevant product details on the portal. The migration process was meticulously planned and executed to minimize disruptions. A detailed project specification document and work breakdown structure guided the project phases. Extensive use of HTML5 and jQuery resulted in a modern, responsive user interface compatible with various devices. Additionally, LINQ and SharePoint Object Model optimizations were implemented to enhance application performance.


The client was able to get the following results –

The implemented solution yielded significant benefits

  • Elevated Brand Presence:The new platform showcased the furniture brand in a more modern and visually appealing light, enhancing its online image.
  • Improved Navigation:A user-friendly and intuitive navigation structure facilitated effortless product discovery and information access.
  • Increased Corporate Appeal:The enhanced online presence resonated with corporate decision-makers, strengthening the brand's market position.
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