Salesforce SharePoint Integration

Salesforce SharePoint Integration


Technology Used:

  • Salesforce Sales Cloud
  • SharePoint Online
  • Lightning Web Components (LWC)
  • OAuth 2.0


A nationwide telecommunications company seeking to streamline document management and enhance communication across sales and marketing teams.


    The client utilized Salesforce Sales Cloud for sales activities and SharePoint Online for document storage and sharing. This resulted in

  • Data Silos:Documents scattered across two platforms, causing confusion and hindering collaboration.
  • Tracking Difficulties:Difficulty in tracking document versions and maintaining a centralized repository.

Solution Delivered:

TechWize implemented a custom LWC application for seamless Salesforce-SharePoint integration

  • Real-Time Synchronization:Enabled real-time bi-directional file synchronization between platforms.
  • Seamless File Management:Search for SharePoint files directly within Salesforce, Upload files from Salesforce directly to SharePoint, Upload files from Outlook integrated with Salesforce to SharePoint, Preview and download SharePoint files within Salesforce
  • Enhanced Associability:Associated SharePoint files with relevant Salesforce records (Accounts, Contacts, Opportunities).
  • Secure Sharing:Facilitated secure sharing of SharePoint files with contacts via email.
  • Customizable Settings:Leveraged custom settings for flexible configuration and user preferences.
  • Single Sign-On (SSO):Implemented SSO using Salesforce SAML settings for streamlined access.
  • Comprehensive Documentation:Provided a detailed user guide for smooth usage and customization.


The client was able to get the following results –

The implemented solution eliminated data silos, enabling

  • Improved Communication:Enhanced collaboration and information flow between sales and marketing teams.
  • Increased Efficiency:Streamlined document management processes and reduced time spent searching for files.
  • Enhanced Visibility:Centralized access to all relevant documents within Salesforce.
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