Streamlining Data Insights

Power BI Visualization for SharePoint Log Analysis



Technology Used:

  • Power BI
  • Azure Data Explorer
  • KQL (Kusto Query Language)


A leading Australian non-profit organization dedicated to supporting individuals with cerebral palsy and other neurological and physical disabilities.


    The client sought to transition to Power BI technology for data visualization, specifically focusing on analyzing complex SharePoint logs. Their goal was to : Gain insights into file access and folder creation activities within their SharePoint environment. Develop visualizations to monitor and govern user behavior. Eliminate the need for manual training sessions on proper folder creation and sharing protocols.

Solution Delivered:

TechWize conducted a comprehensive analysis of the client's needs and developed a tailored solution

  • Data Connectivity:Established a connection to Azure logs using KQL (Kusto Query Language) and integrated it with Power BI for data modeling.
  • Visualization Development:Created comprehensive visualizations within Power BI, providing insights into file access and folder creation trends.
  • Report Access:Published the reports to Power BI Service, enabling easy access for authorized users within the organization.
  • Automation:Scheduled daily report refreshes, ensuring automatic data updates without manual intervention.
  • Development Tools:Leveraged Power BI Desktop for report creation and Azure Data Explorer for KQL queries and conversion to Power Query M Language.
  • User Access:Enabled Power BI Service for live report access through web URLs, accessible to various user groups within the organization.
  • Customization:Incorporated feedback and suggestions from the client's business users to refine the dashboard for deeper understanding and optimal usability.


The client was able to get the following results –

  • Enhanced Collaboration:The Power BI dashboard fostered improved collaboration by providing transparent insights into user activity within the SharePoint environment.
  • Reduced Training Needs:The elimination of manual training sessions on folder creation and sharing protocols streamlined operational efficiency.
  • Data-Driven Governance:The visualizations enabled effective monitoring and management of file access and folder creation activities.
  • Power BI Adoption:The successful implementation facilitated a smooth transition to Power BI technology, empowering the client to leverage its data visualization capabilities.
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